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Personalised learning is becoming ever more important, and we've spoken to a lot of teachers who want to use technology to support students who need a bit of extra help, whilst empowering gifted students to take their learning to the next level.

Extend learning and revision

Our range of e-learning and revision tools allows teachers to quickly and easily create exercises which can stretch learning and revision beyond the school day. Using a web based interface, you can produce short tests which students immediately access from anywhere with an Internet connection, including school websites and learning platforms. All tests are self marketing, and are designed to be easy to manage.

Some of our products


Our most popular e-learning product, Spellanywhere is a simple way of creating the traditional weekly spelling list online. Each word is displayed once and then hidden whilst the student attempts to spell it correctly. Answers are marked and scored, and there's even an audio option which reads the words out loud.

We've also developed a mobile app version of Spellanywhere for Android, Spellanywhere Lite, which is free to download. 


Mathsanywhere allows you to create a range of maths problems, such as multiplication tables, which students can then access over the web and attempt themselves.


Phonicsanywhere helps students improve their reading skills by adding and blending phonics. With full audio the system takes learners through the component parts of each word, and teaches them to build sounds together to decipher the whole word.

School Mocks

School Mocks is a versatile tool which allows teachers to create online multiple choice quizzes. Useful in a variety of disciplines, the system supports both text and image based questions, and you can even embed the quizzes in your school website.


Frenchanywhere, along with its sister products German, Spanish, and Welshanywhere, supports the learning of foreign language vocabulary. Tests can be based in English or in the target language, and there's a simple, clickable interface for entering special characters.

Requested by schools, provided by Webanywhere

We've developed our range of e-learning products in line with what we've learnt from working with schools since 2003. Spellanywhere was initially developed in response to a request from a school whose website we were designing, and once other schools started using the product, we were asked whether we could make other subjects available.

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