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Defining e-Learning

What is e-Learning?

e-learning is an abbreviation of ‘electronic learning’. It’s a means of using web technologies to deliver workplace training and development courses to employees, wherever and whenever they need it. Blending your traditional, classroom based training with e-learning enables ‘always on’ access to courses from any internet connection.

How does it work?

Instead of taking time out of the office to attend a classroom training session, learners can simply log in to a web based Learning Management System (LMS), select their required course, follow the on-screen instructions and complete their training online. Since courses can usually be ‘parked’ for later completion, e-learning enables learners to progress at their own pace and in the way that best suits them, rather than rigidly following the pace and style of the trainer.

What are the workplace benefits?

  • As organisations become more geographically dispersed, work/life patterns demand more flexibility and mobile communication devices are now commonplace. E-learning enables mandatory or professional development courses to be delivered in a way that meets workers’ needs for globally consistent, just-in-time training provision.
  • Course content can use highly developed multimedia formats – including video, animation and audio - to deliver engaging content and capture learner feedback.
  • E-learning is also highly cost-effective compared with the fixed costs of classroom based training. The costs of lost productivity, travel/accommodation and hard copy course materials are eliminated.
  • E-learning courses can be self-marking, making it easy to track and demonstrate learners’ progress towards course completion (essential if the training is mandatory, e.g. to meet compliance requirements).

Whatever your organisation's scale or business model, Webanywhere has the expertise and experience dedicated to delivering and supporting the perfect e-learning solution for your workplace learning. 

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